Free Play Redesign

Speculative redesign of the website and logo for popular Providence bar/arcade, Free Play. The idea was to redefine the bar's online presence to be more modern while maintaining a retro aesthetic.

Designing the Logo

Original Logo:


The original logo left dated, and there were far too many elements too it. Furthermore, it relied on proprietary imagery by reusing assets from Nintendo's Donkey Kong

The focus during the redesign was on simplifying and clarifying. I wanted to boil down the concept of the bar into a simple emblem.

While sketching I kept my designs focused on compactness. I wanted to make sure the composition of the logo could fit inside a basic shape, reminiscent of an item box or pop-up window common in retro games. 

Beer Mug

Keeping as much of the old look as I could was a priority for me, so I set out to illustrate the beer mug. 

First Draft

Final Draft

The next step was to design some lockups. Initially, I chose bright colors for the design, but given the overwhelmingly purples and dark tones prevalent in both Free Play and in arcades in general, I decided to settle on a darker design with stronger contrast.

Final Logo: